Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy Humidity America!

This week I welcome my soon-to-be in-laws on their first trip to the United States.  In reality, I'm introducing them to a baptism by fire in the humid, swamp that is the hallmark of the East Coast summer.

Considering that Europe is comparably less humid, I realized that this familiar humidity is what perpetually assures me that summer has arrived.  The air you can practically see, and can hardly breath, the fact that you start to sweat as soon as you set foot outdoors--this is how I am know I am home in one of the original 13...Colonies that is.

On the eve of my move to Europe, I wonder how I'll know summer has arrived in a new homeland?  I wonder what other indicators of seasonal change I'll miss, and which ones I'll become accustomed to. As I contemplate what it will be like to become a Frau, I find myself cursing the heat and humidity while secretly I savor it. Curious about what's ahead, I will treasure this year's humid Independence Day. For my American self, aside from Blue Crabs, the 4th of July is the way I've always welcomed summer.

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