Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Too decadent for dinner

Autumn's Gems
Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you are weeding. (I know this doesn't sound like the beginning of a fantasy but stay with me.) Every few minutes a sweet September breeze drifts by bringing cool relief from the autumn sun.  With it the honeyed scent of something fresh and delicious fills your sense. The aroma is like an outdoor candy store.  Distracted, you venture to find its origin.  There you stand at the foot of an enormous fig tree, overflowing with fruit and buzzing with all the other sweetness seekers: bees, butterflies and the like.  Scanning the garden for a container to collect your treasures,  you're nearly frantic that the pollinators will consume all of nature's sweetness before you find a proper basket.  Finally you choose a discarded plant container (a little potting soil never hurt anyone...)

This is not a dream.  This is Tuesday afternoon.

Incidentally it's the day before I am leaving to travel abroad for a thesis case study.  There isn't much in the fridge to make for dinner and I muse about how to use the figs before they go bad. (Their ONLY negative quality is that they really don't keep.)

Another quick Google search leads me to this a delicious sounding Fig and Almond Crostada. Since technically this does not sound like a dinner food, I think for a moment about a way to disguise this obvious dessert as a hardier acceptable dinner option...
To solve this dilemna, I make the most obvious choice: I add Bacon. I mean, the meal obviously needed a protein source. (If bacon is your fancy, slice it small and sprinkle on top before baking.) The recipe also says to combine the figs with a good amount of fresh lemon juice. Sadly without a lemon in the house, and am forced to use the next best thing: a lovely limoncello liquor...Voila, delicate, decadent, flaky, sweet and savory melt-in-your-mouth perfection.

In my defense I did pair it with green beans from the garden when I called it "dinner."

Try it for breakfast the next morning. It holds up well over night and can even handle a quick morning microwave buzz.   Enjoy!


  1. I have a figs yet

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