Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Plants all day, Party all night (LGP and the N. American Experience)

Old Oak @ the Arnold Arboretum
In the second summer of the graduate program, we get the pleasure of going on a week long regional trip in North America.  We don't get to participate in the planning process and are not allowed to campaign for cities or states that interest us.  The Director decides where we should travel and who we will meet.  We are finally able to view our agenda about 1 month prior to take-off.

Contrast at Tower Hill
Throughout the week, we are asked to think about the qualities and leadership styles of the staff we meet.  We are encouraged to discuss the varying operations and discover preferences for future work environments.  We are able to meet with the upper level staff and discuss all manner of operations of the garden or arboretum. From watering techniques to donor cultivation, from education programs to landscape architecture, from budgeting concerns to employee pay, all subjects are open to us and it's fascinating.

This year we traveled to New England, specifically to see 6 different institutions of horticulture in Boston and Maine. One classmate created a motto for the trip, Plants all day, party all night. Our "party" usually ended at 11pm... Although, one highlight did include a quaint hotel in Maine, where we got to sing along with the lounge singer at the piano bar.

On the trip, we each get an opportunity to act as photographer and to act as journalist for the Longwood Graduate Program Blog.  My day to do the reporting was Day 1 when we visited the Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University.  My day to do the photography was on Day 3 when we visited Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Worcester, Mass.  

Links are below!

Trip to the Arnold Arboretum

Trip to Tower Hill

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