Tuesday, July 31, 2012


July 4th at U. Del
This year Independence Day fell during the week I moved. Surrounded by unfamiliar faces at a Turkish/Brazilian cook out, I might have been the only American at the celebration.  Luckily on the 4th, the fireworks provide a few moments of solidarity for all.  The mix of a humid starry night, the BOOM of the explosives, the 'oohs and aahhs' lighting every face, knit us together with shared excitement. So even though I was among relative strangers, I was with friends.

At the same time Bruce Munro's "Light" exhibit was opening at Longwood.  The installation harnesses light through fiber optics and LEDs, channeling their energy into tubes and bulbs that set a whole meadow aglow. Twinkling, they make a bright, candied wonderland meandering through the parts of Longwood that are usually dark and closed off at night.

Not long after Light, I got to see Longwood's highly acclaimed Fireworks & Fountains show.  The main fountain garden at Longwood was first turned on in 1931 by the garden's creator and founder, Pierre duPont.  Today the fountains boast the same colorful lights from Pierre's time, and can fly 50 feet into the air!  Side by side, sharing the sky, the fire and water are a sight to behold.  Like nothing I have seen before, each element enhances the other's power.

Bruce Munro's "Light" 
In all these displays a collaborative attitude makes it so that presumably opposite elements are juxtaposed, creating a startling and breathtaking effect--the whole really is a sum of its parts.  This is a BIG synergistic idea.  In order to have a sustainable enterprise, we first look at our elements, we coordinate ourselves to focus on a common goal.  Then we create the steps to get there.  In a small way each of these displays is an example of this philosophy.  It is interesting to note that you only see the beauty of the lights, when it's dark...Coupled together the strongest forces might destroy one another or they might become allies.   An innovative idea- brilliant and simple... Like a light bulb!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Car is full....so is my heart

It's time to go.  

Yesterday my dear friends helped me to fulfill number 42 on my DC Bucket List:  Go to Tabard Inn for brunch! On the menu are these gorgeous donuts with home made whipped cream that are not to be missed! So rich so fluffy, so delicious.

Below is my full bucket list.  The best part about this list is that each time I cross something off, I find something new to add.  The ones in bold at the bottom I have yet to do.  It cheers me up that I'll have to return to finish the list in years to come.  DC is a fantastic place to live and learn.  This list is a testament to just that.

1. See the cherry blossoms at peak with a dear friend:  Check! 

2.  Ice skate at the National Gallery's Ice Rink: Check!

3. See the 4th of July Fireworks from the National Mall : Check! ( to infinity or at least 15 times)

4.  Nats Game: Check!

5. Redskins Game: Check!

6. Caps Game: Check!

7.  DC United Match: Check!

8.  Have a backyard cook out: Check!

9.   Visit Dumbarton Oaks: Check!

10. Walk through Brookside Gardens : Check!

11. Buy and eat Steamed Blue Crabs from the Maine Avenue Fish Market: Check!

12.  Shop at the Dupont Circle Farmer's Market (Sundays) purchase Bacon directly from the farmer: Check!

13:  See a show at the Kennedy Center, the Harmon Center, the Verizon Center, the Shakespeare Theater, the Warner Theater: Check! Check! Check! Check! Check!

14:Visit the National Christmas Tree and the Yule Log: Check!

15:  Visit the Lincoln, the Jefferson, The WWII, the Vietnam, the MLK, Jr., the Einstein, the FDR Monuments

16.  Walk in Rock Creek Park in the Spring

17.  See the Azalea Collection, the Peony Collection, and the Dogwoods in Bloom at the National Arboretum (don't miss the Asian collection, the Bonsai Collection, the Capital Columns or the National Herb Garden)

18.  Tour the Capital Building--hear the story of John Quincy Adams

19.  Visit the National Botanic Garden, take a guided tour

20.  Visit the National Archives and view the Constitution, the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence.

21.  Have a picnic at Roosevelt Island

22.  Walk through Georgetown, buy something.  Eat a meal at Paparazzi or stop for a drink on the roof of Old Glory.

23. Visit Arlington Cemetery and stop at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

24.  Dinner in Old Town Alexandria

25.  Visit Mount Vernon, sit back a while and enjoy George Washington's spectacular view...then imagine DC in the summertime without the A/C.

26.  Take the $11 boat ride from Georgetown water front for a short entertaining tour of the Potomac

27.  Walk around the sculpture garden at the National Gallery then stick your feet in the fountain!

28.  Frequent the Eastern Market

29.  Visit the Georgetown Flea Market on Wisconsin and buy something hand made directly from the vendor.

30. Eat at as many DC restaurants as possible and rate the food
The Federalist, Bodega, Two Amy's, Rasika, Tabard Inn, Bonaparte, Palena, Cork, Posto, Pearl Dive Oyster Palace

31.  Give money to a homeless person

32. Volunteer at a soup kitchen

33. Go to an inauguration at the National Mall

34.  Go to a Ball

35.  Pay to see the exhibits in the Corcoran Gallery even though so many other galleries are free.

36.  Visit Hillwood Estate and Gardens

37.  Get drinks or dinner at the Waterfront in Georgetown.

38.  Go out to brunch a lot --Bottomless brunch at Masa 14 (be careful!)  Korean Brunch ManduYum!  Order Hangover Cure at Bar Pilar

39.  Try Grasshopper Tacos at Oyamel (by Jose Andreas in Penn Quarter)

40.  Venture down to H Street.  Eat at Sticky Rice and Granville Moores, get beer at the Black and the Red, see a show at Red Palace

41.See a live performance at the 9:30 club and at Wolftrap

42. Brunch at Tabard Inn-must do!!

43. Roosevelt Island

Sit at the National Gallery's Jazz in the Garden on a Friday evening
Go to the Portrait Gallery
See a show at Arena stage and at the National Theater
Visit the LBJ memorial
Go to a Wizards Game
Go see the Preakness in Baltimore
Go crabbing or fishing on the Potomac
Eat a cupcake at Baked and Wired
Hike Great Falls