Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Daffodils-a cheerful legacy

 rock creek parkway

Everywhere you look these days, there are brightly colored daffodils, cheering on the Spring.  Covering the hillsides, bobbing in the flower beds of all the neighbors, they charm us outdoors into the sunshine.

Each time I see them I am reminded that until just a few weeks ago, there was nothing to be seen on that very spot--No indication of life. Early spring flowers are a vivid reminder that things are happening just under the surface all the time. Things we can't imagine, things we have forgotten, things we don't know and can't yet see.  Just around the corner, moments from now, something that has been growing unseen all year, may  be revealed in a place that otherwise seemed barren.  So aside from cheer, Daffodils are also tiny beacons of hope. When planted en mass, they look like stars scattered in the green grass.

As I mentioned in a post last spring, bulbs are an investment for the gardener, but they are also a legacy.  Long after we stop being present to tell our stories, the bulbs continue dividing and producing blossoms on the hillsides of history.

In the latest issue of Garden Design Magazine Susan Heeger writes of Daffodils,"...American pioneers carried them west--even today, streams of daffodils mark spots where pioneer farmhouses once stood."

Washington, DC and its inhabitants carry a pioneering, story-telling spirit.  Each Spring, the daffodils encourage us to embrace this spirit-- forging bravely ahead and leaving graceful reminders of our adventures for posterity.

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