Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Harvest

In preparation for what was to be 'the worst storm since 1938....' I harvested as many herbs and veggies as
tomatoes, basil, chives, parsley, jalapeno, leek, taragon
possible before they were sure to be pummeled and lost.  With a big week ahead of back to school, students arriving and clean up work at the Arboretum, I spent the day looking up recipes to use the harvest. With the prediction of a power outage, and no idea how a loss of power really prevents you from showering....I froze numerous plastic tubs of water in order to prepare a cooler like scenario in my refrigerator so that all the meals for the week would stay fresh.  Thankfully (but not surprisingly) there was no power outage and we were spared the real wrath of Irene.  Still, an excuse to harvest and invite neighborhood friends over for food whether it be by candelight or in front of the weather channel is a welcome weekend activity before Fall gets into full swing.  And ahhh the sun is shining again already today. This week's menu includes: chicken salad made with garden Tarragon, Red Skinned Potato Salad with garden Chives, Lebanese Tabouleh with garden Parsley, Mint, Red and Yellow Grape Tomatoes, and homemade Pesto with garden Basil.

Irene did leave one message behind in the form of a giant tree limb from the declining Red Oak in the back yard.  Just around 10pm, while delivering my comments on the weather media's penchant for the dramatic and my suspicion that Irene was just an excuse for states to declare emergencies, reap the FEMA funds and practice their evacuation techniques, a HUGE tree limb fell onto the deck. It clobbered a chair, but thankfully missed the windows and the tomato plants.  Ok Irene, I take it all back, thanks for reminding me that I shouldn't talk smack about natural disasters....

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