Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Time

Where does it go, Time?  How do we spend our time?  Do we really save time? Ever? Hot or not, summer moments are fleeting--throwing themselves forward toward fall and football and freezing. 

Here are some ways time gets spent in the summer, interesting to compare from different perspectives what time means:

It takes a good three to four months for the plants to produce fruit and a good half-hour, maybe forty-five minutes to give them a drink each day. Without water, it takes less than a day (in 90-plus degree heat) to kill a plant like a cantaloupe or a tomato.  It's interesting to think about needs and how important it is that they are met in a timely manner.  Some plants are drought tolerant which means they can deal with being thirsty before they call it quits.  Others are more tender and cannot produce if their needs aren't met.  

One day at work Ed walked up and said, "Hey, got a present for ya."  He handed me a box of Combat Quick Kill Roach Traps.  I was thrilled.  He and I have talked for a while about how much we hate running into those pesky disgusting bugs inside the tool shed.  This reminded me that I just celebrated the first anniversary of my career change and the end of my full-time steady employment as a ballerina.  You know your life has changed when you are more than moderately excited about being given Roach killer as present.

If you're hoping for change, what you're asking for is a storm.  If you're waiting to see new growth, what you're actually cultivating is patience.  Things that happen quickly are usually short lived.  Slow development often means long life.  If you have to make yourself want something you don't really want it. Even drought tolerant plants are happier with water.  So drink up!

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