Monday, May 23, 2011

Time to stop and smell the roses...

Backyard climbers
I've always felt like this statement is directed toward people who are too busy to allow themselves to be taken by the fragrance of a flower.  It's for people who are stressed or beaten down or exhausted, scared and lonely, or for people who aren't embracing life, right?  The statement leads us to believe that if we would just slow down and enjoy the fragrance of a rose, it might change our day... our perspective...our lives...I always feel like I'm taking advantage.  If smelling the roses transforms your life, I must already be transformed because I always make time to stop, I'll let myself be taken to a magical place by the scent of a rose as many times a day as possible.

USNA Herb Garden photo:LAM
If you look around the city, you will see roses thriving in the strangest of places and that is because Roses are old flowers with lots of history and when they find a place they like, they stick.  They don't go with the trends of our cities, moving out to the suburbs when 'the riff-raff' moves downtown  and moving back when it becomes hip to live in the city again. They don't mind the sites that have fallen into disrepair.  They aren't interested in gentrification. They are just as happy in the 'ghetto' as they are at Hillwood. As long as there is good sun, soil and rain, they come back again and again and do the real beautifying of our neighborhoods, climbing the fences, covering the entryways, brightening the most chaotic bramble.

The purpose of this post is to encourage you not to wait until the end of June to finally stop and smell a rose and here is why:

Best Smelling Rose in the Herb Garden photo:LAM
The early blooming roses have the most fragrance.  If you wait until late in summer to smell a rose,  you might wonder why you stopped at all.  When the rose breeders bred in longevity and repeat blooming, they bred out the fragrance.  Don't delay, stop and smell a rose today.

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