Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Garden update: Planted

Garden 2011 photo: LAM
It's planted.  the garden in the Porter Street Backyard is in the ground.  All the plants seem infinitely happier in the dirt than they did in their pots.  The transplants in the perennial garden are all showing new growth and the peonies are intoxicating everyone with their perfume. So far I've made two or three salads and about four spinach melts with the early harvest of greens.  I've even flavored soups with the early basil leaves. The lantanas (one of my favorite summer flowers and butterfly attractors) have been in their pot for a week and they are already blooming yellow and pink!  Now to be honest, I didn't grow the lantana or the marigolds from seed. The Rosemary, Sage and elegant Lavendar all over-wintered in pots last year and are showing leaps and bounds of new growth since they found their permanent homes in the ground.  But the leeks, tomatoes, parsley, basil, chives, spinach, stevia, nasturtiums, and violas are from seed!!

Lantana photo:LAM

This year I'm root watering my tomatoes.  I'm experimenting.  Two tomato plants are in containers on the porch where they get more sun.  Three plants are in the ground with the root watering system.  The idea is that with some PVC pipe, I water the soil beneath the tomato plants, this way the roots grow down to a safe place where they will not be so affected by surface environmental factors. 

million bells mix photo:LAM

Last year I bought a beautiful hanging basket of "million bells," a dwarf wave petunia. I paid at least $22.  This year I planned to purchase individual pots and make my own hanging basket.  Here's the truth:  I spent just as much or more and they don't look as good.  My advice is just bite the bullet and spend the money on the hanging basket that the experts at the nursery have put together for you.

The biggest pest so far is what i believe to be a weasily little squirrel.  Eating the marigolds, eating the basil, taking bites out of the tomato plants. Most of the garden is covered with a net now to keep  him/her/them away. More on that later.

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