Monday, March 21, 2011


It's beginning to feel like spring!  I'm dying to get the garden started. This year my goal is to grow my entire garden from seeds instead of buying the plants at the nursery.

I let myself begin a few weeks ago with seed selection and purchase.  (I ordered my seeds from  John Scheeper's Seed Catalogue  and I am anticipating their arrival!) I'm looking forward to a season of tomatoes,  leeks, and lots of Herbs.  I'm planning to start the seeds with a bit of soil and water and keep them warm in the window sill until they sprout.  Once the danger of frost has passed and they are strong enough, I'll transplant them to their homes in the garden where hopefully they will flourish all season and yield lots of fruit. In the meantime, I'll begin preparing the soil outdoors when the weather allows. (The risk here is that I've never been overwhelmingly successful with seeds.  Nevertheless, I am not deterred.)

This beginning got me thinking (as usual).....In the description above, I use words like anticipation, prepare, danger, strong, transplant, home, hope, flourish and risk. That's pretty involved for something as simple as a garden.

It occurred to me--Having a garden is not a passive activity. You can't start a garden without admitting what you hope for.  The initial action is motivated by the end. I am not haphazardly throwing the seeds into the yard and wondering if they might grow into something, like an experiment. I am starting the seeds with the belief that they will grow into their determined species. After that, the success of the garden depends on my investment of time, energy and heart.

All of this is to say--if the end is the garden, the beginning is the seed.  Life might be simpler if we were able to identify the end and plant the seeds to get to it.  In doing so, we'd weather disappointments, but for the most part, we'd get what we planted. Cultivation is key. Getting a beautiful garden is not an accident of fate or luck and for the most part neither is getting a beautiful life.  

"Take risks.  If someone tells you something is impossible, see if you can do it.  Gardening is a knife edge between disaster and serendipity."-- Jinny Blom (Landscape Designer, UK)

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