Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Reckless Abandon

Until recently I'd call myself a firm believer in the reckless abandon brand of living.  Meaning: I look for situations that make me want to act with abandon and I use that as a guide.

My thought was that we should encourage our gardens to grow with reckless abandonI assumed the Egyptian protesters demanded their freedom with reckless abandon...and I was sure successful relationships were absolutely filled with it... 

THREE strikes you’re out--

Strike 1: Turns out -- the plants that grow with reckless abandon are generally called weeds or invasive species. 

Strike 2:  When I took a real look at citizens of Egypt, I saw that their revolution was successful because they pursued freedom with focused  purpose

Strike 3: Looking at loves that last, they are usually ones that begin with a statement of intent, and then some faithful building.

It occurred to me that neither 'reckless' or 'abandon' have very nice connotations and so I decided to look into it.

Reckless:  Heedless of danger or consequences; rash; careless, without regard.
Abandon: To leave completely; to desert; to give up; or discontinue.

So...as the United States changed its stance on issues like Slavery and Torture, I've officially changed my stance on reckless abandon. I'm no longer counting it as an reliable guide.

It's about time to start your seeds for spring.  They will need to be tended carefully each day. (i.e. Don't water with abandon but don't let them dry out before they sprout--balance is key in gardens and in life apparently....)  As we make our way in our pursuits, maybe we should tread with passionate consideration for that which we crave.  Because unless it's the 4th of July, nothing very meaningful burns up fast and bright.  Even the fireworks don't explode recklessly.  It's someone's full time job to make sure they don't burn the place to the ground. 



  1. haha... love the fireworks comment at the end.

  2. I to love the comment about fireworks and it is cool how you have brought the summer to come soon by including fireworks but also the reference to baseball 3 strikes. May the summer bring great opportunities for you!!!

  3. Very thought provoking post. I really liked your three points and your dictionary definitions. You really wrapped that up. Love your perspective!