Monday, March 28, 2011


So, the seeds are germinating.  The delicate ones are covered with plastic wrap in the window sills. When I stare at the wet potting soil, it's hard to believe that something will grow at all.  The others (spinach, salad greens and wildflowers) are in the ground.  Everyday I cross my fingers that we won't have a cold snap that will murder them just when they've opened up to let the sprout grow.  todays morning snow has me worried...i will just look at it like a challenge, like a variable to the conditions of the project...then i can report on the effect snow has on the hardiness of early spinach sprouts.

In a previous blog (Instincts) I mentioned fire as an alarm clock for one type of seeds. Alternately, these seeds are supposed to be looking for the cold as an alarm and want to be planted at least two weeks before the last frost.  It wakes them up and makes them realize it is time to reach for the sky.  

It feels like a complicated dance of air temperature, ground temperature, watering, and sun.  Some of which I can help with and some not so much. 

In other news, an update on Bulbs

At the end of last summer, while digging weeds at work, I accidentally dug up some Narcissus bulbs. I was allowed to take them home, and I put them in a container out in front of the house.  I suspected that they might not get enough sun in that spot but I wanted to try it.  Also, I saw the squirrels digging and sort of accepted the fact that the bulbs were probably lost.  But--- who showed themselves late last week? Yes!  They survived the winter and the squirrel attacks and now they are emerging!

...Do beautiful things come into your life when you put your heart into living, or do you put your heart into living when you have a beautiful life?  (let's be honest...It's probably a little bit of both...)


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  1. I have a question. What are you supposed to do about the squirrel/animal attacks? My poor little Crocus and Tulips are just starting open and immediately being gobbled up by the deer! I like having the deer around but I don't want them snacking on my garden. How do I teach them some manners?