Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bonus Blog: Flower Show

For a week at the beginning of March, when the ground hasn't yet thawed and the gray sky is getting the best of everyone, the Philadelphia Flower Show comes to the PA Convention Center in the heart of Philadelphia. Outrageous color and wild creativity are the stars.  The flower show has the excitement of the Pennsylvania Farm Show with the scent of roses instead of manure. The exhibits are so well put together that from afar it's hard to believe they are living plants and not sculptures or silk. Being that it's freezing the plants are pushed green houses in anticipation of the flower show. They are then transported to the convention center and planted in real soil, to grow throughout the week before your eyes.

The flower show was like going to a museum where all the artists were required to use petals as brushes and pollen as paint.  Imagine a room full of jewelry constructed of plant parts, clothing inspired by blossoms, miniature landscapes made with dwarf plants and framed photographs made of dried petals. 

Not far outside of Philadelphia, in the heart of Buck's County lies Doylestown and the best kept secret of Eastern Pennsylvania, Domani Star, Italian Cucina.  It's worth the drive just to try the Polenta Cake and the Bread Pudding.

The pictures can do better than I, so enjoy the slide show!

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