Monday, February 28, 2011

Invest in the fall, bloom in the spring

      Anything that blooms against the odds has a place in my heart. -David L. Culp

Culp is referring to a plant called Galanthus (Common name: Snow bells) one of the first spring bulbs to bloom. The 'odds' stacked against the bulb are the typical weather conditions at the time when the bulb wakes up.

Right now, across Zones, 5, 6, and 7, as we continue discussing whether or not we've seen the last of winter, we can observe little green points poking their way through the last of the snow and announcing Spring.  Galanthus is just one, but there are Crocus as well and soon you'll see, Tulips, Daffodils (Narcissus) and Callas. 

Planting bulbs in the Autumn is an investment, it represents hope, it's believing another spring is coming and it's saying that you are going to stick around long enough to see your investment bloom.

You have to put a bit of faith and foresight into planting bulbs.  They cost more than seeds.  They could rot.  They could dry out.  A squirrel might dig them up.  They might bloom too soon.  They might not bloom at all.  But if we let the fear of failure or disappointment prevent us from the planting, we'd have nothing to push winter away and transition us to Spring.  The purposeful purchase and planting of bulbs is why they have a place in your heart when they finally poke their brave tips up through the ground and point the way to the spring.


  1. Remember also that the bulb must bloom to reach the sunlight, just as we also must reach for the Son to renew our strength so that we can die and bloom again just as the bulb does in nature but for us it is eternity.

  2. Aw that is a nice metaphor Dad