Monday, November 8, 2010

Last Day at USNA

Ed, Chris, Brad, Ramon, GrayC, Barbara, Lynn, Tanya, Mariah, Amanda, George, Coley, Joe, me, Joan, Jeanette, Pat, Nate, Michael.
If you've been following the lunch stories, here is a photo of my last lunch hour at the US National Arboretum for 2010.  This photo includes most everyone who has been featured in a lunch story ( Read Critters and Lunchtime...) except for Tony, who somehow escaped the photo op but who was actually present.  I think it was the Dove Ice Cream Bars that drew everyone to the celebration (provided by my boss Lynn, as a special going away treat!)  The conversations were entertaining and juvenile as usual, including an especially disgusting discussion of how Mayonaise is really just 'sandwich lube.' Ew....

During the internship Lynn would assign homework each week and then would spend an hour or so testing  me on the information.  While we ate our ice cream, the Intern Coordinator asked which assignment I liked best.  My boss mentioned the assignment on the Grove of State Trees, which was to memorize the names of all the State trees and then be able to identify them by their leaves.  I confirmed that it was one of the hardest assignments but definitely my favorite one.  I think it goes without saying that the things most difficult to achieve are usually the sweetest in the end.  Of all the ballet roles I danced, my favorites inevitably began with tears after the first rehearsal because I was convinced that I wasn't capable enough to dance them and ended with more tears because I fell so in love with the ballets that I never wanted to stop dancing them.  (Combat, Sugar Plum Fairy, Sinatra Suite)

"Always leave 'em wanting more" is a show biz phrase. It definitely makes your heart beat faster when you leave craving more of something instead of having had your fill.  From that perspective, saying 'goodbye' when you're not ready to leave is a luxury. Still, the people I have gotten to know at USNA are charming and generous.  It would take me ages and ages to have my fill of them or the work I got to do there.

Happily, I WON my battle with Poison Ivy!! I never contracted it for the entirety of my 6 months in the Friendship Garden.

What is next?  Getting the mice and the soldiers on stage for the Nutcracker...   A trip to Australia!!  Selling Christmas tree's at Behnke's, applying for more internships... celebrating my first holiday season that isn't dictated by my ballet schedule....overwintering my little herb garden and missing my days at the National Arboretum. There will be lots of news to report.

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