Monday, September 6, 2010

Squash Vine Borer ...ew

Well it's official...I have the plague of the squash vine borer here in DC.  My squash and zucchini first showed signs in May when I planted them and now they are almost completely dead and still producing very little, sometimes rotted, always stunted fruits.  I haven't discovered as yet how to prevent them (it is too late to save this year's crop I think.) There is also a catapilar eating the blooms off my flowers. boo.  In other news: The herbs are all thriving, except for Dill who is beginning to go to seed.  I am still beating poison ivy in the challenge to stay poison ivy free until November ( the end of my internship at the Arboretum.) I had a close call the other day when I got into it and then washed my arms with TECNU.  After work I had some itchy suspicious red bumps on my wrist.  Either it was nothing or the TECNU got rid of the oil before it could really get inflamed and react.  And still I've been able to avoid a farmer tan.  Set small goals, people. It makes life grand :-)  

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