Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nursery school

As part of my transition,  I've taken on a job at Behnke's Nursery in Potomac.  It forces me to practice plant ID and really understand each individual plant's needs. I am a floater, so i work in houseplants, woody plants, perennials and annuals doing just about anything they can think up for me.  It is also forcing me to work on my 'dealing with rich obnoxious clueless entitled people customer service skills.' To help you understand what I mean:  the median income of this neighborhood is $150,000 and the median value of a home is 1.5 million.  So there you have it.  These people can't tell a mum from a clump of weeds unless there is a big sign and even then, they might not see it and they will blame you if you are standing there....In other news: I am a published writer now!  Just little articles here and there on plants!

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Transitioning into plants has been a wealth of opportunity for me, not really a financial windfall but an educational windfall and a chance to meet all kinds of people everyday (not just the ones I mentioned earlier, great generous smart people too.)  Interesting thing about opportunity: you can't bottle it and use it later.  It has no shelf life.  You can't take a raincheck, you have to be ready to do something with it when it shows up.

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