Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Since life can't be just about flowers and vegetables, I'll update you on some other happenings... The following stories involve my car insurance company ( I won't name names.)  First, the key to my car actually got stuck in the lock on the driver's side door.  I am old school--so I don't have the remote lock. At this point I'm halfway between DC (where I live, this will be important later) and Virginia Beach in Williamsburg, VA, where I have narrowly escaped spending $300 on a Kate Spade overnight bag, when I come to my senses and exit the store. I walk to my car and try to unlock the door.  Suddenly, the key is stuck. I can't open the door to the car, I can't start the car, I can't drive the car and it now it's raining.  "Ah ha!" I say to myself,  "I have roadside assistance through my insurance company.  I will call them!"  First they ask me if I'm sure I have roadside assistance.  Then they ask me if I'm sure I know my policy number and if I am actually insured by them...Finally they figure out how to work their computer to recognize me as a paying customer and this is their response,

"Well, we'll pay to get the door open for you, but if we have to extract the key, you'll have to pay for that, and the guy who opens the door won't know how to extract the key, so you'll have to pay for that too.  Probably you'll need to pay a tow truck to get your car to a garage and then pay someone there to build you a new transmission and create a brand new'll have to pay for all that, and if you need a rental car during this process that will surely take your entire vacation, you'll have to pay for that as well. It's normal wear and tear, we don't cover that." 

At some point five hours and one monsoon later, a nice, very qualified locksmith comes to my rescue.  I'd like to give a shout out to Michael Wallin of Shorty Wallin Lock & Security in Hampton, VA for knowing what he is doing, and being nice and reasonable about it.  Eventually I was able to the leave Williamsburg (a little late but not much worse for wear.) 

Not long after this adventure I get a letter from my insurance company.  They are suspicions about my home address.  They don't seem to believe that I live in Pennsylvania, where my car is insured, and they want proof, they say, that I am a resident.  Now, between you and I, I haven't lived in Pennsylvania since about 2003.  Since then I actually held a residence in Norfolk, VA where I payed utility bills and taxes.  They never said anything about it then.  Here in DC, my circumstances are a bit different, so why NOW, after all this time, they are accusing me of some kind of fraud??  My reaction:  There is nothing 'Progressive' about either of these situations.

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