Thursday, July 22, 2010


The score between me and the poison ivy is:   

 Poison Ivy: 0  Laurie: 18

( I have managed to keep an undefeated record for 9 weeks.  BUT, I got into a patch or two unexpectedly today, so I'm a little less confident than usual.  Check out this product that is supposed to take the oil off.  It's called Tecnu  we use it at the Arboretum as a preventative measure.)

I have succeeded at starting the leaf blower the last 3 attempts. Oh Sweet victory! Finally. I feel like a real big shot now that I can pull the thing hard enough.  I've also learned that when I start to smell gasoline, I have to close the choke... or is it close the throttle? ....well, obviously I'm a real pro...

As a member of the Arboretum staff, I was able to attend the Woody Plant Conference in Swarthmore, PA.  My co-workers told me that that these events are the most 'hoity-toity' events that the 'Green Industry' has...I cannot tell you what a relief it was to hear that news...I didn't tell them, but this event wasn't even a Level 1 of 'hoity-toity' in the ballet world. Honestly it was like the difference between a pic-nic and a Gala.

I was thrilled to find out that The Highline in NY was one of the gardens featured at the conference.  I was already planning a trip to NYC in August to see it (well really to see my best friends from college,)  (off the subject we are also going to Coney Island!)

Before New York though, we are continuing the work on our group design project.   We are creating a low maintenance Native garden around a public bathroom on the Arboretum grounds.  On Monday our design and planting plan is up for approval and in a few short weeks we will have to make a presentation to the Arboretum Staff.  The summer is flying by. 

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