Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ready to Eat!!

The Garden is growing, and the green beans are almost ready to eat!  There is a tiny yellow squash just beginning.  We had a set back with some blossom end rot on the Roma Tomatoes.  I got some Lime to increase the level of calcium in the soil and used some dried up day lily foliage for mulch.  I think the problem is solved but only time will tell.  I moved some of the flowers and herbs into a container garden, where they seem a little happier.  A teeny tiny little Habanero pepper is growing in one of my containers for my friend Shannon's tasty homemade guacamole!  

This house abounds with great gardening practice projects for me.  Two of note are the containers in the entrance way.  They are almost full shade and previously (of course i forgot to take a 'before' photo...duh) were filled with thirsty creeping jenny, a few bushy ugly boxwoods, some random mint and oregano that I over wintered there.  U-G-L-Y.  So I kept one little boxwood each and trimmed them up, added two shade loving Hardy Begonias.  They will get pink flowers but in the mean time have gorgeous pink and green foliage.  I added a Hosta (I forget the type ooops)  to each container AND put some Daffodil bulbs I accidently dug up the other day as a treat for the spring.  The second project I took on a whim this morning.'s been floating around in my mind for about a week to cut back the roses in the yard to get them ready for their second bloom in the fall.  So picture this:  me and my PJs at 9am on July 4th, rain boots and a sweatshirt, no gloves ( how sharp could the thorns on roses really be?) and a cute pair of pruners.  These roses were a force to be reckoned with.  Vines and branches at least 10 feet long.  It was a prickly forest. But I have to say, rosewood smells nice.  I was bleeding by the end and discovered that rose thorns are a little like splinters.  Note to self:  go get the gloves next time.  Next up: trying to get all the prickly trimmings into a trash can. So far I haven't solved that step.  For now, they are in a nice shady pile for later or maybe for a facilities person who will want to pick them up before they try to mow the yard?....hmmmm.  Found a holly bush/tree with a long useless branch like a bridge over to the roses across the yard. mess.   Next projects:  pull out English Ivy ( Hedera helix)
in two separate yard spots, weed a bit of the old flower garden.  HARVEST green beans!!!!  Don't forget to check out the slide show of the fieldtrips we've taken at the Arboretum. Happy 4th of July!

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