Sunday, July 25, 2010

Garden Party - results!!

Corn saute with lots of herbs, Root Beer Baked Beans, Peach pie with pecan strudel topping, phyllo pizza with garden tomatoes, water melon/feta salad sticks, bbq chicken and ribs, Porter Street Fizz and fruity bugs, good times.

Also pictured, my FIRST zucchini and grape tomatoes!!

Let's discuss the 'no bugs' statement.  I used a 'cutter' product designed to kill mosquitoes in your yard for a time.  I did it because the mosquitoes are ruling the world back there and making it impossible to enjoy the outdoors....however it did indicate on the package that if the bees were trying to polinate the clover while the product was wet, it was going to kill them!  It also said that it was dangerous for aquatic animals so watch the run-off if you live near water.  I had a kind of dilemna so I was very careful not to spray it on the area of the lawn that has the clover or get it anywhere near my herbs, veggies etc.  I have seen plenty of honey bees on the clover now and am hoping that they are going to be ok.  This is a classic dilemna that we are all faced with now.  

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