Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Irrigation is my new responsibility in the Friendship Garden.  That and 'Team Leader' of the Summer Intern Group Project (more on that later).  Irrigation is a funny thing...When you turn on the irrigation, you shouldn't hear or see anything. There is a sweet little drip that should come out the bottom of the tubing to saturate the ground around it without you ever knowing what is happening.  But, you end up nicking the irrigation tubing with tools as you weed.  When you hear hissing or see a big fountain of water, apparently it's time for an irrigation repair...who knew?!  So-- we have what we call 'double male' connectors (use your imagination) and we are instructed to cut the tubing where the leak is and then (while the water is flowing) shove this plastic connector into the tubing.  Hmmmm, so far, this is a recipe for getting soaked.  I 'repaired' about 4 of these things today, and I am still not sure that I didn't make the problem worse.  What I am sure of is that I got all wet this morning.  Maybe 'irrigation repair' should be left for the steaming hot 90 degree afternoons. In other news, it's about 7-0 me against the poison ivy.  (I have to say it's a much better record than the Orioles this season.)  I am now in charge of marking the perilous little plant with florescent orange markers whenever I come across it.  Here is a list of skills I've acquired so far working at the Arboretum (in order of skill level)  avoiding sun burn, weeding, digging, weed recognition, poison ivy i.d. in the friendship garden, driving the pick-up/dump truck, working the walkie talkie, avoiding bug bites, plant i.d. in the friendship garden, leaf blowing, working the USDA computer system, irrigation repair...

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