Thursday, June 17, 2010


The Porter Street Garden is well on its way!  First yellow squash blooms, then tomato blossoms, now little purple flowers on the beans.  And look out for the first little green Roma Tomatoes.  Luckily, so far, the beans are growing faster than any of the weeds.  I have noticed that something is eating my Basil and my Zinnia leaves at night, but only a few little bites, hmmmm. Any thoughts on who is eating these leaves?

I've recently acquired a lilac tree, (this is USNA introduction "Declaration" and it will grow about 8.5 feet tall and 6.5 feet wide in 25 years.)  a viburnum, (USNA in"Shasta" will grow to be 6.5 feet tall and 11.5 feet wide.) and some wild ginger.  I planted the wild ginger in the shade, and it is loving it's new home.  I'm waiting to plant the other two, but I would love to have your thoughts about the best way to prepare the soil for both.
It will take some time to clear the English Ivy and the other weeds in the yard.
I got to ride in a cherry picker last week at the Arboretum, (Cheers to my Uncle Johnny who is a professional at riding in the cherry picker!) I learned to identify two different types of miscanthus, and a few different Rudbeckias.  Apparently Rudbeckias are Asters but for now almost all Asters look alike to me.  Wearing bugspray and sunscreen is helping, but I swear the bugs find the one spot on my skin where the OFF isn't and they dig right in!  Assignment:  Find out the difference between a Rhizome and a Stolon and the scientific difference between trees and shrubs-- Interesting fact, Viburnum and Crepe Myrtles are both shrubs.

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