Friday, May 28, 2010


In less than a week, my zinnias sprouted.  Two pretty little rows of them.  In just a little more than a week, my bush beans sprouted!  I only got one spinach sprout so I am thinking I must've buried the seeds too deep or not deep enough or a bird ate them or who knows?  Life and death and seeds bursting forth into plants that provide us sustainence, shade, visual majesty and wonderful aromas are a really cool mystery.   But with one spinach sprout, I'm hoping maybe  enough eventually for one spinach salad?  I'm not an expert on how spinach grows...yet. So far, no pests to report and I have seen new growth on all my transplants, so I think that indicates the roots have taken hold.  I have an exciting plan for root watering the tomatoes.  In other watering news I'm just playing it by ear that I give them the right amount to drink.  I've got wave petunias in a container that seems to be doing quite well.  A few of my herbs like dryer soil so I hope not to overwhelm them.  I've been happy to see worms moving through the soil, so I think there is lots of hope for my summer veggies.  Cross your fingers and send your thoughts.

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