Sunday, May 16, 2010


Years ago...

"What will I do? Without a roommate, I can't afford the rent. I need a part-time job..." "Why not the botanical garden?" someone said..."I've never seen you light up the way you do when you talk about working at the garden..."someone else said.

Recently at an interview for Horticultural internship...

"I have never effectively mowed a lawn or used an edger. I know this is something I will have to do."

"You do know how to use a shovel, right? and a pruner? Hand tools?"


A few weeks later...

"Dear Laurie,

I am pleased to notify you that the panel selected you for the USNA Friendship Garden intern! Congratulations and welcome to the National Arboretum family!"
My final performance of the season with Washington Ballet closes Sunday May 23rd, the internship at the Arboretum begins Monday May 24th @8:30am. What timing!

It's possible that if my roommate had never moved out, I might not have ever applied to work at the Botanical Garden in Norfolk. It's possible that if things were easy and convenient, if I could perform as a ballerina forever, or if I were satisfied as an arts administrator, I may have never have applied for the Arboretum Internship here in Washington. It's possible that if it were comfortable for the little seeds to stay curled up warm in the soil, they might never go to the trouble of pushing their way towards the sun and the fresh air. Where would we be without the trials that refine us?

Here we go!!

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