Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Practice continued...

A few weeks later, after I get my shoes and my hat, I venture to Johnson's Garden Center in Van Ness. Johnson's is a gorgeous friendly place, nestled between the Cathedral and Tenleytown and they have everything you need for your garden, and really just walking around the place is a pick-me up.

I obsess over what to plant and when to plant it, where, etc... I draw garden doodles on paper. I get more excited (as I tend to do) and decide that the garden should have more than just tomatoes.  I should dig a much larger ditch...

I leave Johnson's with plants (tomatoes, squash, lantana, wave petunias, basil, parsley, zucchini) 2 huge bags of Bumper Crop, wire cages, and seed packets for spinach, zinnias, and green beans.

Digging the next six feet of the garden is 'easier' in my new gardening shoes. I decided to dig in the evening, (thinking the work would be less taxing after the sun went down...ha...) then the bugs came out and ate me alive. After that it got dark so I couldn't tell grass from compost. Oh well-- I did it! After that I became ravenously hungry and once I landed on the couch I couldn't move for at least twelve hours.

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