Thursday, May 20, 2010


The next morning was Sunday. I woke up early to start the planting. Realizing that in the dark I didn't dig as much as I should have, so I had to pick up the shovel and dig a bit more. The most difficult thing in this yard is that there are huge roots criss-crossing underneath the grass. Lucky for me, I found an large, inexpensive pruner at Marshalls (where i found my garden hat) for under $20. (They are usually about $50). This helped the process for sure.

Turns out-working in the morning is a way to avoid the mosquitoes, but you don't avoid the knats! (The lesser of two evils I guess.) I planned out my seed rows and set out the plants from the garden center. I pushed the tomato and bean cages as deeply into the ground as I could manage and watered everything. I transplanted most of my window herb garden into the ground along with a beautiful begonia that was a gift. By 10:30 am the garden was planted and now I just have to wait and see if it 'takes.' Maybe this is what women feel like when they are 'trying' to get pregnant.

Funny how curious the birds and the squirrels are about something new in the yard. I feel relatively territorial over my little seeds, and I find myself wondering if they are going to eat the little sprouts before they have time to grow. Well it's all up to nature now!

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