Sunday, May 16, 2010

New shoes

"What should I wear on the first day of work?" (me on the telephone with the contact person at the National Arboretum.)

"Just wear whatever you usually wear to garden. But you are required to wear shoes with a closed-toe. You might want to wear a hat as well" (Good thing she said so...last time I was digging in the backyard, I was wearing flip-flops, and I got a sun burn.)

"Oh right," I think...whatever I 'usually' if there is a usually with me and gardening. I usually have a window herb garden, so I'm usually wearing my p.j.'s when I water the basil each morning...does that count?

Not wanting to seem too much like the novice I am, I thank her and hang up the phone. I began my search on the internet, looking at every type of shoe besides flip flops or heels. Eventually I go to Hudson Trail Outfitters, mostly because it's up the street and seems 'outdoorsy.' I try-on boots, mid-somethings, hiking shoes, water shoes, crocs, sneakers...I decide on Vasque trail running shoes. Very lightweight, lowtop green and gray sneaker type of thing. I splurge at this overpriced store since this is my new career and I'm envisioning a whole new group of 'write-offs.' I discuss my choice with the clerk who is wearing those bizarre hobbit-feet shoes with toes, and decide that I'm not probably going to be slopping through 8 inches of mud so I can get away with lowtop shoes instead of boots. I'm trying to avoid boots because they are obviously going to give me a terrible tan line. I'm scheming to figure a way to avoid a farmer's tan....(See, I already have my priorities straight, in case anyone is keeping track.)

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